Market Direct Advertising – Numbers Count

Ever wonder how to put more jingle in your pockets? Recently I was invited to join the “staff” of a local accounting firm, under the sheer guise of increasing business and profitability to a company with consistent net gains in their profit margin. The owner’s intent is rather clear; he wants more money jingling in his pocket.

While this isn’t a bad thing and nobody is condemning him for his intentions, a better objective might be “improving service”, or “broadening the market”. Either of these or more money in your pocket would appeal to most business owners, because the bottom line is simple, more jingle.

Improving service, broadening the market, and bringing in more business consistently are common results of a solid business marketing plan with high numbers of contact within the client market of the business. It’s all a numbers game, is probably an understatement.

Proposing a miraculous solution for this issue requires thought and planning, and is definitely a can do project. Just follow the steps:

* Know your product. Have an identifiable and recognizable name for your product; know what it does, how it can be used, and specifically how it will help the client.

* Know your market. Have a specific description of who will purchase and use your product. Know your clientele and have a good plan for communicating with them personally.

* Know how to promote your product/service to your client.

* Be willing to go the extra mile to promote your business or product.

The purpose of business is to make money. If that is not your intent, your business probably won’t make any money, and it’s NOT a viable tax shelter either.

Put your marketing skills into effect, by pursuing your clie

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